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SG Grocers – Your One Stop Convenience Store

For your fresh produce daily! SG Grocers stocks a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables at low, low prices. For your convenience our store also stocks refreshments, toiletries a variety of food items, snacks and a range of well priced cleaning products, detergents and degreasers which are essential to the home. SG Grocers is conveniently located just after the circle on Marlin Drive which serves as both the entrance to and exit from the main Hibberdene beach.

SG Grocers HibberdeneUltimately, SG Green Grocers is a mini-supermarket with our focus being on providing fresh fruit and vegetables daily. There are cleaning items available at the store which cannot be compared when pricing to a budget. From toiletries and toilet rolls to liquid detergent, degreaser in bulk sized 2l bottles and accessories for the kitchen and bathroom.

The convenience store does its best to ensure all the essential requirements to run a clean, healthy and well fed home are available at competitive and better prices where possible. Management is open to suggestions as to how SG can make your shopping experience a better one.

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  • Address: 699 Marlin Drive, Hibberdene, 4220, KwaZulu-Natal South Coast
  • Tel: 039 699 1170
  • Email: Scroll down to send us an email and map & directions

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