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Feed & Seed – Nutritional Food for Healthy Pets

Hibberdene and the KZN South Coast has a vibrant animal community, other than your domestic dogs, cats, chickens and birds, which include Ververt Monkeys (don’t make the mistake of feeding them), Rabbits, Geese, Ducks and a variety of wild birds. Feed & Seed Hibberdene (previously known as the Spider Room) is a business which understands that feeding animals the incorrect food can, and eventually will, impact negatively on an animals health if done on a regular basis.

Feed & Seed Pet Supplies

Value Added Services – Apart from supplying animal feed, rabbit pellets, chicken feed and bird seed, F&S stocks a range of treats, bowls for dogs and cats, leashes, toys and accessories for pets. If you’re looking for quality pet food and pets accessories on the KZN South Coast, pop into the shop in Hibberdene.

Contact Feed & Seed

  • Physical Address: Shop 9, Marlin Mall, Marlin Drive, Hibberdene, 4220. In the passage to Pick ‘n Pay. KwaZulu-Natal South Coast.
  • Tel: 072 909 7509

Scroll down for map and directions or send us an email

Optimum Nutritional Values for Birds, Rabbits & Pets.

Keeping the shine to your dogs coat, the attitude in your cat’s eye and the catchy tunes in a bird’s song is easy when you feed them with the nutritional foods their systems require to function at their optimal levels. Contrary to popular belief, bread is not healthy for birds. Feeding geese, ducks and other birds bread causes them to think that their tummies are full, but what they have eaten offers them no nutritional value. The same applies to rabbits, cats and dogs. Feeding them the right food is imperative.

Feed & Seed Stock & Store Gallery

Feed & Seed supplies veterinarian approved pet food brands

We stock and supply the following brands to Hibberdene and the KZN South Coast.

  • Montego
  • Tails Up
  • Complete
  • Ideal
  • Jock
  • BowWow, and
  • Various types of bird seed

Map & Directions

Contact Feed & Seed at the number above or send an email below.

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