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Where are Fun Times in Hibberdene Out of Season?

The idea is that small towns cater to a small population. True, but it isn’t always that way. Holiday season brings a whole new vibe to Hibberdene. What I believe is that the vibe can remain long after the local holidays are over. Hibberdene could become a gap year destination for students from abroad. Out of season all-year-round more can be done to create activities and fun for locals which will attract foreigners. Where are the sport and leisure activities?

Managing the resources we have better and chipping in to help

Hibberdene is located slap bang on the central South Coast and is an awesome home-base to launch from. More than this, more can be done to get beach volleyball and other sports active again. For example, what has happened to the Hibberdene Tennis Club? Ouch! Is it a lack of interest, a lack of creativity or is there a reason for it? I am not even sure who the broken down court belongs to or why it has fallen into disrepair, but it’s an opportunity to create an active space. If not for ourselves as community members, then for visitors.

Where have the Lifesavers Volley Ball Clubs and other Activities gone?

Hibberdene has an awesome beach, where is the volleyball club? Surely there are enough youngsters and adults to make up a few teams for some activity down on the beach. As a community, can Hibberdene allow itself to remain stagnant? I know there are some with the idea Hibberdene is and should remain a retirement town. I know there are some who argue against that idea. Either way, no development simply contributes to the employment issue which winds up poverty into crime. It’s a fact.

Get involved or start something yourself

Bring some activity to the beaches. A lot of youngsters doing nothing after school. I ask; who is starting the next beach soccer, rugby, volleyball or whatever club? Who is creating the next event? You start them and Oink will advertise them. Are there musicians in Hibberdene? If so, use the community section to post your stuff and invite others to join. Remember to send us any upcoming events you may be involved in or know of which may be of interest to the community via the contact form with representing images and documentation to If you are creating a workshop or anything new which will be of interest to others, send us the info and Oink will assist in getting you exposure. The info will be posted on the site if it is a reality and not just a dream.

Sport & Recreation

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