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Creating a Digital Home and Footprint for Hibberdene

Managing the online presence of a town or city is like developing a digital footprint for any brand or business. It starts right there. Well, it actually starts with government but in 2019 who is still sitting around waiting for the guvvie to do something about putting a small town like Hibberdene on the World Wide Web? And not just out there, but quality Web. It’s up to the individual and the business owner in any town  to represent the town as best as possible when it comes to the internet. How can any one person or business assist in building a powerful internet presence for Hibberdene? Here are a few ways.

Any Business should grab their online real estate

When you own a business, it is located somewhere (Hibberdene), perhaps even at your home. Any should should have its own domain. Your website is your home representing you in the sky, your online office with a physical address on planet earth. The more businesses in one location, in this case Hibberdene, have an internet home, the more importance and relevance search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and numerous others will give to Hibberdene.

Optimize your business & online space

Because search engines are able to allocate a physical address (Google maps for example), the population of Hibberdene in the sky depends on the relevance it is given on the South Coast by search robots. It may sound technical, but it really isn’t. Quality of the content being put out there is an important aspect. Optimization for any particular location needs to be focused and logically presented to search engine crawlers for higher rankings in search results.

Optimize your online space

We have all heard the horror stories of unethical web developers and I think this is part of the reason small town business owners are hesitant to grow an online presence. The idea is that small towns cater to a small population. True, but it isn’t always that way. Holiday season brings a whole new vibe to Hibberdene. What I believe is that the vibe can remain long after the local holidays are over. Hibberdene could become a gap year destination for students from abroad. It is located slap bang on the central South Coast and is an awesome homebase to launch from. More than this, more can be done to get beach volleyball and other sports active again. For example, what has happened to the Hibberdene Tennis Club? Ouch! Is it a lack of interest, a lack of creativity or is there a reason for it?

Setting up your manageable web presence

Between a website, social media account and business directory listings a business owner doesn’t always have the time to create and update these accounts and blogs etc. Ridiculous developer costs for questionable outcomes seems to have run the web on the KZN South Coast for decades. I get this information from numerous business owners I have spoken to. I have created a package for Hibberdene based companies, organisations, clubs. It consists of the following options other than listing in the Business Directory for R125 per year.

START UP PACKAGE (R1 500 once off)

Annual costs are: Domain renewal at registrar cost (from R79 per year) and site update and maintenance management (R175 per year). No annual hosting fee’s for Oink directory members.

  • Domain Registration: At registrar costs from R79 per year.
  • Website Hosting: Free within the Oink Volume Plan (shared hosting)
  • Website: Installation and development of your company 7 page website (View a live example registered, hosted and built for New Age World of Media).
  • Marketing Plan: Submission to the SABD – South African Business Directory and Oink Hibberdene (both owned and administered by Oink).

Creative communities are usually the most visited

There is much for the creative soul and the lover of nature in Hibberdene. Creating communities creatively online requires some thought just as it does on the ground. Putting up signage which is going to blow away in the wind and locating it in the middle of the best view of the ocean from the beach parking lot isn’t the way creative communities should function. I know I am being critical here, but quality requires a plan and clearly there wasn’t much of that prior to putting the sign up which is in the image below. Get in touch for a professional and affordable plan and help me create a quality and powerful digital footprint for Hibberdene and your business on the World Wide Web.

Deeper than my skin. Adversity is my friend. Pretence is a lie. I am who I am now. Then is something I learned from. Creative. Wordsmith. Rythm guitar. Reality speaker. Get free web pages at the SABD - A promise made to Oink members in 2014 to make a free national directory with NO Google Ads, affiliate marketing etc. Fulfilled in January 2018 when I relaunched the FREE SABD which is now in the top 5 when looking for a South African Business Directory on Google. Get your Free listing at and promote your location (your town) online while gaining quality exposure for your business.

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