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Bibs logoOink Hibberdene Biz & Info, South Africa – Business Directory & Community Information. Hibberdene is located 95 kilometres South of the city of Durban on the East Coast of South Africa – Travelling South along the coastline, Hibberdene is the Gateway to the Hibiscus Coast which lies along the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. A popular beach holiday destination among South African holidaymakers, the town features one of only seven (7) Blue Flag Beaches on the KZN South Coast and nine (9) in the KwaZulu-Natal province.

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Biz is for business and info about what’s happening, where to go and the community. Scroll down the Oink Hibberdene business directory to find a listed business. Stay up to date with Our Blog for upcoming events, SPECIALS, opinion, company profiles and reviews. Need to buy and looking for an affordable solution? Looking to sell your second-hand goods? Add your items for sale to the Classified Ads Marketplace. Join the new Online Community¬†Forum, use private or public messaging, create groups and networks and communicate your skills, interests and ideas.

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Visit the Business Lists and store directory, select your category and you will find listed companies and services. Contact a company, venue or service directly by phone or link into their website. There are clothing stores, building contractors and hardware stores, home and garden maintenance services, beauty salons, green grocers, cellular repair shops, general stores, supermarkets, butchers and medical services. Several home industry chefs and bakers make nyummy homemade sauces, cakes and pies etc. and hopefully they come out of the woodwork here and make their services available.

Places to go and things to do

Hibberdene features several restaurants, pubs, takeaway outlets, a shebeen (for the adventurous) a mashie golf course, water slide, lagoon and the ocean is always available for surfing, fishing and other beach sports. There is a ski-boat club with an approved launch site. Hibberdene is central to everything happening on the KZN South Coast. Stay over in Hibberdene while on holiday or while touring the KZN South Coast and you have any number of things to do which are only a short walk or drive away.

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Marketing and advertising on the internet can be time-consuming. Big business is able to employ teams to manage their digital footprint. A website alone is an ongoing project. It needs to be optimized and updated with new info, blog posts, theme and plugin updates etc. Oink Hibberdene Biz & Info provides an online management service for small business who wish to focus on running their business. We register domains, create affordable and highly optimized websites, host them and market them via numerous Oink platforms. Oink Hibberdene Biz & Info will always be under development … promoting new specials and activities as they become available, updating business listings and keeping the directory updated with current information.